Class A1 Motorcycle Driving License

Features and Specifications of Class A1 Motorcycle License

Motorcycles (also with sidecar)

  • Displacement up to 125 ccm or max. 11 kW engine power
  • Power weight max. 0.1 kW / kg
  • Three-wheeled motor vehicles with symmetrically arranged wheels and a cylinder capacity of more than 50 cc for internal combustion engines and / or a design maximum speed of more than 45 km / h, power max. 15 kW

Minimum age

  • 16 Years

Included Classes

  • AM

Theory lessons

  • This is the same in all motorcycle classes
  • First time 16 lessons – duration 90 minutes each
  • With extension, 6x base material and 4x class-specific material of 90 minutes are sufficient


12 special trips are required by law:

  • 5 hours á 45 minutes highway
  • 4 hours á 45 minutes motorway
  • 3 hours á 45 minutes night or dusk

Theory test has to be taken off

  • At first issue
    Questionnaire with 30 questions and after 11 error points failed the exam
  • At Extension
    Questionnaire with 20 questions out of 7 error points failed the exam
  • A2A: The theory exam is waived for at least two years previous ownership of A1 or A2.

Practical examination has to be taken off


  • Duration at least 45 minutes